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What should I do if my refrigerator won’t get cold?

The invention and development of affordable and efficient refrigeration has transformed the way we live. We rely on our refrigerators to keep our food fresh, make sure our medicine works and display the artwork of world’s next great artist. This makes a broken refrigerator a major problem. Kelbachs Appliance has the knowledge and experience in repairing these units and answering the question, ‘What should I do if my refrigerator won’t get cold?’ Our team of technicians is very familiar with the most popular brands on the market today. If you need to have your Samsung, LG, Maytag, KitchenAid or Whirlpool refrigerator repaired or serviced, call 920-379-1539, and speak with a qualified Kelbachs Appliance technician today.

Do I need a professional to fix my refrigerator?

Obviously, the most important reason we have refrigerators in the first place is to keep our food cold and fresh. Opening a fridge to find it filled with spoiled food can be a rude awakening. A refrigerator that doesn’t stay as cold as needed can actually be a major health hazard. It is possible to get very sick from eating improperly stored food. If you have noticed that you’re having to throw away more spoiled items than normal, this could be an indicator of a bigger problem. Keep your family safe and call Kelbachs Appliance today to get your fridge back in working order.